Principle #1:
There is only One Presence and One Power. 

Principle #2:
Each of us is an individualized expression of God. 
Principle #3:
We create our experiences through
the activity of our consciousness (our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, perceptions).

Principle #4:
Affirmative prayer and meditation awaken us to our connection with the Infinite.

 Principle #5:
Knowing the Truth is not enough.  We must integrate action with insight to evolve, transform, and create positive, sustainable change in our world. 

"We shall serve for the joy of serving and prosperity will flow to us and through us in streams of plenty." 

Charles Fillmore

Our 5 Basic Principles of Truth


We believe in the power of positive prayer and prayer chaplains are available each Sunday following services.  Unity offers many prayer resources which  are listed below.  Our five step prayer process is a gentle, effective prayer and meditation exercise of relaxation, concentration, meditation, realization, and thanksgiving. Using affirmative prayer, we enter into a consciousness of oneness with God.

Let us pray with you:

Personal Prayer:   Our local Prayer Chaplains are available every Sunday or contact us with the link below to request a personal prayer call.. 

Written Prayer:   All written prayer requests are added to our weekly e-mail prayer list.  Contact us with the link below to receive a weekly e-mail updated.

All requests are held in confidential prayer locally then sent to Silent Unity for a 30 day prayer vigil.
For more about Silent Unity visit: or

call 1-800-NOW-PRAY


Living Our Mission:

As Unity Church of Quincy

we endeavor to put ourselves aside and serve God through generous giving of our time, talents, and treasures for the highest good of humanity.  

Our volunteers provide helping hands and hearts in our church community as well as our world. We celebrate prosperity and abundance, basking in the joy of observing how God provides for all.  We also enjoy giving to community organizations.


"We do not claim to be the teacher nor do we actually reveal the inner mysteries.  We merely point the way the earnest student may travel.  Do not depend on what you read or hear or on what we or anyone tells you.Trust, rather, in the silence and your own Christ nature and the teaching of the Spirit of Truth." 

from Unity Institute's Metaphysics I

We believe to “educate”

means to draw forth from within. 

Unity Church of Quincy offers a variety of  Spiritual educational opportunities such as workshops, book study groups, meditation series, and more.  Each event is designed to awaken a higher spiritual consciousness.  We also have a metaphysical lending library.



"Unity is a link in the great educational movement inaugurated by Jesus Christ. 

Our objective is to discern the Truth in Christianity and prove it.  The Truth that we teach is not new; neither do we claim special revelations or discovery of new religious principles.  Our purpose is to help and teach human kind to use and prove the eternal Truth taught by the Master."

Charles Fillmore, Unity's Co-Founder