Earthcare Ministry

Earthcare Covenant

As Unity Church of Quincy we are a conscious, conscientious

part of a living world.

We recognize
the interconnectedness of all life

and realize we are an integral part

of the web of life.

We live responsibly as Earth stewards and consciously do our part to appreciate, protect, and preserve this beautiful planet. 

We use gentleness, kindness, and respect on our Earth walk.

We live in harmony with Mother Earth and all her creatures. 

We live in awareness of the love, gratitude, prosperity, and abundance that Mother Earth provides and we return it to her sevenfold.  ​

Our Core Values

1012 North 24th Street 

Quincy, IL 62301

A world powerfully transformed through the growing movement of shared spiritual awakening.

Sunday Spiritual Celebrations


Unity Church of Quincy honors many paths; we consciously transform lives through prayer, education, and service.






Our Vision

We invite you…

to join our welcoming and accepting community for an hour of rejoicing and shared spiritual awakening with fellow Truth seekers.  We come to know and express our Christ nature, as we celebrate together. 

Our Mission

Associated with Unity Worldwide Ministries, this community is a part of the international Unity movement of spiritual awakening and transformation.  We are also affiliated with Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute and Daily Word devotional magazine.  Our primary teacher is Jesus, whose message is love—love of God, love of others, and love of ourselves.  We encourage and inspire spiritual & personal growth through practical, relevant Christianity and loving service for shared spiritual awakening.

A positive path 

       for spiritual living!

To each is given the manifestation of the Spirit

for the common good.

1 Corinthians 12:7

Meet  Pastor

      David Seibert...

He provides spiritual guidance to Unity Church of Quincy and brings us two Sunday lessons each month.  He is a Quincy native and was ordained as a Unity Minister in 1993.  His Unity experience began here at Unity of Quincy in the 1980's when Rev. Anthony was one of our leaders. Over the years, he has come back to Quincy and has spoken at Unity of Quincy at its many locations. He had been out of touch with Unity of Quincy until recently when the Holy Spirit prompted him to stop by the church during a family visit.  He had moved on from Unity Temple in Denver in 2011 after serving as pastor there for over twenty years.  He currently resides in Arvada, Colorado.   

Pastor Dave enjoys St. Louis Cardinals’ baseball. His first memory of being on this planet was attending a Cardinal baseball game at age 7 with his Dad. He was hooked for life. He now has a baseball room in the basement of his house in Colorado, which his nephew in St. Louis calls the Cardinal Shrine.  He also enjoys reading, which gives him new ideas to include on his website:  This website has been a life work of gathering spiritual anecdotes, jokes, illustrations, quotations, trivia, and funnies organized by sermon theme. It is available to the public for the benefit of all and donations are welcome from anyone who desires to offer financial support.