A Vibrant Spiritual Community

Welcome to Unity of Quincy!

We welcome, affirm and uphold everyone, appreciating how the One Presence expresses in wondrous diversity. We welcome into the full life of our spiritual community persons of every ethnicity, language, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, economic status, occupation and faith background.

We bless and honor all committed relationships and families, and welcome all who genuinely desire to celebrate, study and serve with us.

Spiritual Rather Than Religious?

If you describe yourself as spiritual rather than religious, you may be like countless others who say they have come home when they walk into a Unity church such as ours.  We take the Bible seriously, but not literally.  We support spiritual seekers with teachings on positive, practical Christianity, while also honoring the universal Truth in all religions. 

Our spiritual community is loving and supportive of you on your spiritual journey. We celebrate diversity and welcome everyone. Through our Sunday Celebration Services, classes, workshops, concerts, special events, service opportunities and more, Unity of Quincy provides many rich opportunities for spiritual growth. 

Top Ten Reasons to Check Out Unity of Quincy

10 - You consider yourself to be spiritual, but not religious.

9 - Before and after the service: coffee, tea, and nibbles!

8 - We take the Bible seriously, just not literally.

7 - People like Eckhardt Tolle, Wayne Dyer, and Oprah Winfrey make sense when they talk about spiritual ideas.

6 - A fresh, positive, practical approach to Christianity, that honors the universal Truth found in all religions.

5 - Meditation, silence and affirmative prayer are practiced.

4 - Casual, comfortable dress is encouraged, in an atmosphere that is safe and guilt-free.

3 - You can participate in our dynamic classes, which offer exceptional educational opportunities for spiritual, personal, professional, and community growth.

2 - Every Sunday, you hear a Truth talk that offers practical tips for transforming your life, accelerating your prosperity, enhancing your relationships, deepening your spirituality, and creating joy and meaning in your life.

And, the #1 reason to visit Unity of Quincy
(drum roll, please... )

1 - You owe it to yourself to experience this wonderful community of people who welcome you with open arms and open hearts, and invite you to share the fun, the energy, the fellowship, and the inner peace that comes from being a part of this amazing spiritual community known as Unity of Quincy.

Unity and Science

Millions of people worldwide, especially young people, falsely conclude that they must choose between science and faith, not knowing that in Unity they can say yes to both. Here is a brief essay that illustrates how our Unity movement enables us to readily accept and celebrate the discoveries of science. "Unity's best kept secret" is that, in Unity, we can heartily embrace both faith and science.

"... Practicing Acceptance..."

Our Mission:

"We are a vibrant spiritual community, awakening to God, practicing acceptance, transforming lives." We say these words... and we mean these words.  But sometimes it's a challenge to live these words.  Let's take a few minutes to give this some thought. ...Read More (pdf)